Friday, November 7, 2014

Younique Presenter: November To Remember

Who doesn't like Elf on the shelf.  Especially when it comes to Christmas time.  Why have false lashes when you can have your own natural lashes that is 300% from the other competators.  With or with out your mascar your lashes will "pop".  Younique is more than mascara, it's for your face to lips.  All natural,hypoallergenic, talc free,frangerance free, easy on contact users. The list goes on; since I am a Younique believer and a presenter; I recondmend this product for you and your friends.  Order your mascara and other beauty products here:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Younique presenter

Alright bloggers, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now a Younique presenter.  I a, looking forward to the journey to making all you ladies feel good about who you are on the inside out.  I started on Monday after a long 3 weeks debating on whether or not I should join.  One of the products that I have been using is the Younique 3Dfiber lashes.  

There are no con when it comes to rating the lashes.  I have tried many mascaras that say that the product will volumize by 200%.  I saw no difference after the mascara was dried on my natural lashes.  When I used Cover Girl, MAC, Revlon my lashes would dry out and become very brittle.
With Younique your natural lashes will pop out to 300% and it's safe for contact wear individuals  I don't have to worry about flaking, drying my lashes out if worn for 10-12 hours.  The best part is: it comes off with one swipe with your favorite facial cleanser.  :-}

The mascara comes in two tubes: one is the Transplanting Gel that acts like a mascara, but gentler on the lashes.  The second tube is the fibers that is made out of green tea fibers.  Both tubes come in a little "eye glass case".  The case can be used for eye brushes when the mascara runs out.  Both tubes will last 3+ months. 

All Younique products are gluten-free, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, paraben and talc free. Look at my Younique page to browse at all the goodies you may want to own.  If there is a birthday,wedding,baby or bridal shower coming up in the near future mom's and brides-to-be would rave about how the products looks and feels on their skin.

Order yours today for 29.00

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time is ticking away talk get your hands on your Younique mascara and pigments.

On my previous post from last week,  have any of you ladies thought about getting your hands on some awesome mascara and make-up that is not harsh on your skin?  Plus do you know what is really in your make-up that is or may clog your pores even after washing your face?

Younique mascara is made with green tea pigments that will wash away wih just soap and water.  So there is no need to use harsh or oily make up remover.  The pigments and pressed powder is made from all natural core to meet your skin type and color.  

If you are interested, just click on the link from last week and it will take you right to Stephanie Guzman's page.  Since I am hosting the party for 4 days or so, I may give a pigment of your choice for free.  If you don't like your product, Younique will refund your money with no charge.  

Act now before it's too late 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

6 days to order your 3D fiber lash mascara

Alright ladies, how would you like to "suprise" your BFF the ultimate make-up that she will use everyday and talk with you and her other friends?  The next 6 to 7 days I am hosting a virtual FaceBook party to order your 3D fiber lash mascara plus ordering pignemts that complement your eyes too.  

Since the summer months are winding down soon and the wedding planning and invites are being less and less mailed out, would you like to give the Bride-to-be,Mother of the bride, or the wedding party the best eye make-up that there is.  Besides going to Walgreens or Target to get the "best" mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner in one.  

With Younique, their products are never tested on aminals and all natural. The mascara does not have charcoal in it and will not dry out your lashes. Let alone have them become brittle or fall out.  
The Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes.
While using this your lashes will not fall out or become brittle.  It all washes away with your favorite soap and water.  

If you would like to order, visit Stpehanie Guzman's Younique page please do so here:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Order your 3D lash mascara today on my private FaceBook virtual party!!

Alright ladies for 9 days only you can order your 3D lash mascara on my private FaceBook page. 

I am hosting my friend Stephanie's Yonique 3D mascara as well as other beauty products. How cool is that?

All you need to do is login to Facebook, search my name, Nicole Spoden then I will add you into my party.  Stephanie as well as myself will post all the answers you may have from the product.  

Even if you already have the mascara and looking to buy more or order other products from Stephanie, come one come all.  
While supplies and days last.  

We are looking forward to seeing you. 


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pinterest "gel" mani pedi hack

Who does not like a nice at home gel mani/pedi?  Well, I wanted to do a little research on the best "at home"  without breaking the bank.    

I went to Target, Walgreens, Kmart and Walmart to see what I can come up with. All the stores had the LED lights with the gel nail polish, nail cleaner, lint free squares.  But the prices ranges from 49.99-69.99.

So I went in Pinterest and found many "hacks" that involved DIY gel nails at home.  So the one that brought to my attention was the Sally Hansen's Hard as Wraps Hardner, your choice of nail polish and American Classics Gelous advanced nail gel coat.  

So I tried it and just to let you ladies know, I am sold on this product.  The only thing you would have to do is use 2 coats of Gelous, 2 coats of your favorite nail polish and one coat of the Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps polish.  Wait about 1-3 minutes in between coats so they dry evenly.  I am in my 5th day and my toes look like they have been painted a day ago.  

Since I have used a glitter polish with this, use an alternating color.  Like a light green polish with a green glitter.  I have went to the Sally Beauty Supply store I purchased a Pure Acetone nail polish remover for this and it works great.  

Until next time,  enjoy the rest of your week



Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th pf July weekend

There is nothing better than celebrating the 4th of July than spending it with your friends and family.   Even though it was a rewarding 3 day weekend for all (going to your families cabin) or staying in town, it is what matters most, our freedom.

The only thing that our family of 6 did was sit around the house while Abby took her nap, play outside with the neighbors and just had a little Barbeque.  Ribs, brats and a turkey burger with a side of potato salad was on our menu. 

Samantha and Emma had Matt's full attention on Friday so he took them to the water park near by while I stayed with Abby until Zack came home from his friends house.  But the piece and quiet always does a mother wonders. even if it's for a short time.

From all of us Spoden's to your family/friends, have a safe and Happy 4th of July!!!!